AC DC Pulse Tig Welder 200Amps & Plasma Cutter 40Amps - Tokentools Alusync200

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4 metre tig torch 8 Metre Tig Torch
4 Metre Plasma Torch 8 Metre Plasma Torch

The Tokentools Alusync 200 Inverter ACDC Pulse Tig Welder and Plasma Cutter is a 240 volt, full arc control, AC & DC TIG / MMA, HF TIG power source with integrated Plasma Cutter. Standard features on this machine include high frequency arc ignition, up and down slope, adjustable AC frequency with a massive 10 to 300Hz range, repeat (latch) function, MMA welding and integrated plasma cutter functionality. 


The Tokentools Alusync multi function welder cutter is designed to be an all round product suitable for precision TIG / MMAW and plasma cutting of all weldable materials. The Tig Plasma machine features push button activated HF Arc Ignition and a Gas Solenoid for automatic control of the shielding gas. A large capacity fan ensures years of high duty cycle operation. Operation is quite straight forward via the oil /acid resistant membrane control panel and the steel case will provide superior protection against accidental bumps.


All IGBT transistors are manufactured by Infineon, chosen for their ability to provide dependable power in the toughest of environments. With the Tokentools Alusync 200 you will have one inverter TIG MMA welder and plasma cutter ready to attack and conquer any job you put to it.

General Features (?)

  • Tokentools Tokentools
  • 5 Years Parts & Labour 5 Years Parts & Labour
  • 1 x 240 Volt 15 Amp Supply - Single Phase 1 x 240 Volt 15 Amp Supply - Single Phase
  • AC Tig Welding AC Tig Welding
  • DC Tig Welding DC Tig Welding
  • DC MMA Welding DC MMA Welding
  • Plasma Cutting Plasma Cutting
  • 2T / 4T Trigger Latching 2T / 4T Trigger Latching
  • Welds Aluminium Welds Aluminium
  • Welds Stainless Steel Welds Stainless Steel
  • Welds Other Metals Welds Other Metals
  • Cuts all metals Cuts all metals
  • Adjustable AC Welding Frequency Adjustable AC Welding Frequency
  • Adjustable AC Balance / Cleaning Action Adjustable AC Balance / Cleaning Action
  • Pulse Welding Mode Pulse Welding Mode
  • Adjustable Pulse Width / Duty Adjustable Pulse Width / Duty
  • Adjustable Pulse Welding Frequency Adjustable Pulse Welding Frequency
  • Arc Force Arc Force
  • Post Flow Shielding Gas Timer Post Flow Shielding Gas Timer
  • Up Slope Up Slope
  • Down Slope Down Slope
  • Push Button Start HF Ignition Push Button Start HF Ignition
  • Preset Amps Control / Display Preset Amps Control / Display
  • IGBT - Siemens / Infineon Power Transistors IGBT - Siemens / Infineon Power Transistors
  • L50cm x W23cm x H44cm L50cm x W23cm x H44cm
  • Weight - 25 Kilograms Weight - 25 Kilograms

Plasma Cutting Features

  • HF arc ignition HF arc ignition
  • Cuts all metals Cuts all metals
  • Clean cut to 12mm in mild steel Clean cut to 12mm in mild steel
  • Severance cut to 16mm in mild steel Severance cut to 16mm in mild steel
  • Requires 60PSI compressed air Requires 60PSI compressed air
  • Requires 7CFM of compressed air Requires 7CFM of compressed air
  • Includes filter / dryer (water trap) Includes filter / dryer (water trap)

Tig Welding Features (?)

  • Push Button Start (HF) Push Button Start (HF)
  • Electric Solenoid activates when torch trigger is pressed Electric Solenoid activates when torch trigger is pressed
  • Postflow - 0 to 25 seconds Postflow - 0 to 25 seconds
  • Preflow - 1 to 25 seconds (Available by pressing torch trigger briefly and activating post flow cycle) Preflow - 1 to 25 seconds (Available by pressing torch trigger briefly and activating post flow cycle)
  • AC Balance - 20% to 80% AC Balance - 20% to 80%
  • AC Square Wave Frequency - 10Hz to 300Hz AC Square Wave Frequency - 10Hz to 300Hz
  • AC & DC Pulse Width AC & DC Pulse Width
  • AC & DC Pulse Frequency AC & DC Pulse Frequency
  • DC Amps 5 to 200 DC Amps 5 to 200
  • AC Amps 20 to 200 AC Amps 20 to 200
  • AC Square Wave AC Square Wave
  • DC DC
  • Pulse Duty - 10% to 90% Pulse Duty - 10% to 90%
  • Pulse Amps AC - 20 to 200 Pulse Amps AC - 20 to 200
  • Pulse Amps DC - 10 to 200 Pulse Amps DC - 10 to 200
  • Pulse Frequency - 0.5Hz to 25Hz Pulse Frequency - 0.5Hz to 25Hz
  • Yes Yes
  • Foot Pedal Compatible Foot Pedal Compatible
  • Variable Amps Torch Compatible Variable Amps Torch Compatible
  • Yes Yes
  • Up Slope - 1 to 5 seconds Up Slope - 1 to 5 seconds
  • Down slope - 1 to 5 seconds Down slope - 1 to 5 seconds
  • Available by selecting 4T mode Available by selecting 4T mode
  • Start Crater - Fixed @ 20 Amps AC and 10 Amps DC Start Crater - Fixed @ 20 Amps AC and 10 Amps DC
  • Finish Crater - Fixed @ 20 Amps AC and 10 Amps DC Finish Crater - Fixed @ 20 Amps AC and 10 Amps DC

MMA Welding Features (?)

  • 10 to 160 Amps 10 to 160 Amps
  • DC DC

Duty Cycles

  • 160 Amps @ 100% Duty 160 Amps @ 100% Duty
  • 200 Amps @ 60% Duty 200 Amps @ 60% Duty
  • 100 Amps @ 100% Duty 100 Amps @ 100% Duty
  • 130 Amps @ 60% Duty 130 Amps @ 60% Duty
  • 160 Amps @ 35% Duty 160 Amps @ 35% Duty
  • 30 Amps @ 100% Duty 30 Amps @ 100% Duty
  • 40 Amps @ 60% Duty 40 Amps @ 60% Duty

What is in the box?

  • 1 x Alusync 200 Inverter Welding Cutting Power Supply 1 x Alusync 200 Inverter Welding Cutting Power Supply
  • 1 x 4 Metre 60 Series Ergonomic Plasma Cutting Torch  1 x 4 Metre 60 Series Ergonomic Plasma Cutting Torch
  • 1 x 4 Metre Binzel Compatible 26 Series Ergonomic Tig Torch  1 x 4 Metre Binzel Compatible 26 Series Ergonomic Tig Torch
  • 1 x 3 Meter MMA Twist Lock Torch and Cable  1 x 3 Meter MMA Twist Lock Torch and Cable
  • 1 x 3 Meter Job Clamp and Cable 1 x 3 Meter Job Clamp and Cable
  • 1 x Reinforced gas Line  1 x Reinforced gas Line
  • 1 x Filter Dryer (Water Trap) 1 x Filter Dryer (Water Trap)
  • 1 x Plasma Torch Accessory Kit (5 tips, 5 electrodes, 3 ceramic shields) 1 x Plasma Torch Accessory Kit (5 tips, 5 electrodes, 3 ceramic shields)
  • 1 x Tig Torch Accessory Kit  1 x Tig Torch Accessory Kit
  • 1 x Instruction Manual  1 x Instruction Manual

This product comes with a 5 year (60) month warranty against manufacturing faults and defects however the customer has the ability to reduce the warranty period in order to obtain a greater discount. In circumstances where the customer elects to take a 2 Year or 1 Year warranty the 5 Year warranty will no longer apply and instead the selected warranty period along with applicable discount will apply and such direction will be noted on the sales invoice.

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Alusync Inverter Welder Manual


This product manual is provided for easy internet download and viewing, the file size is 24 Megabytes, click on the image above to begin the download process. A printed colour manual is also provided with the welding machine.



I purchased a Alusync welder a couple of months ago and have given its tig function a good workout on a range of materials. Aluminium, S/Steel even copper.. I am happy with its usability and adjustability. The plasma will cut 12 mm clean as it advertised and I have sourced consumables at a very cheap price. The plasma feature makes this unit very handy indeed. Pete told me they load test every welder they sell prior to freight to ensure they have no problems.
I have no hesitation in recommending this product.



I have been using my Tokentools welders for about 6 months now and have become accustomed to all the features. The machine is easy to operate and in my oppininion idiot proof as the control knobs are all self explanatory. Pulse welding is a snap and I have found that I am able to practice tig welding coke cans together on low settings using the pulse feature. I like the ease of HF ignition and I o pted for the remote control torch instead of the foot pedal as I often weld my jobs in situ and cannot bring them to the bench. I have only used the plasma cutter a couple of times on 12mm plate when cutting out base plates and it worked well. Considering it was only a couple hundred more than the non plasma version I am glad I went the extra way. I received good service and from what I saw on the Australian Wood Workers forum I can attest that they are true to their word. Package was delivered to Brisbane overnight so I was up and welding within 18 hours of my order, not bad.



I was delighted to receive one for Christmas last year and got crackig right out of the box. The arc ignition is very smooth and the AC welding arc is ver crisp. I have welded many new projects and made some great bike frames as a result of this great welder. I enjoy wreaking havoc with the plasma cutter and have started some weekend sculpting projects in stainless and ally. I now boast to my mates that I am an artist LOL.



I looked around at many inverter tig welders online and decided on the Tokentools machine because of the 5 year warranty and free delivery, heck I had nothing to loose. I ordered on a Monday and it was shipped to Melbourne overnight. I was welding by 1PM on Tuesday and it was awesome. The settings were easy to get and the arc stable. I tigged up some catch cans and must say I am very pleased. I di d call the blokes at Tokentools to get some info about using the plasma cutter and received a fast answer. FYI plasma cutters only need up to 55PSI.


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