Tig (ACDC) welder machines and Tig equipment, tig torch parts, tig torch accessories. Metalmaster & Tokentools Tig welding welder accessories and consumables are compatible with many of the best tig welder brands. The range of tig machines and Tig supplies with delivery available Australia wide is vast. Our product range includes tig welding torches, tig  torch consumables and tig torch parts, tig alumina nozzles, tig back caps, tig torch collets, tig bodies, tig gas lenses, cup gaskets. Tig water coolers and remote control tig torches are an ideal add on buy for any of the IGBT GTAW welding machines from our range of Tig welders for sale Australia. Talk to an expert today on  1300 881 991.

welding-accessories-2.4-brass-collet-for-tig-torch-tokentools Save 60%
$30.00 $12.00
tig torch Collet 3.2mm WP17,18,26 10N25 Save 60%
$30.00 $12.00
Tig Torch Gas Lens 2.4mm Collet Body Binzel 13N28 Save 33%
$18.00 $12.00
tig-filler-wire-er70s-6-2.4mm-filler-rods Save 27%
$19.00 $13.90
tig-filler-wire-er70s-6-1.6mm-filler-rods Save 37%
$24.00 $15.20


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