Tokentools welders fast welding equipment despatch
Our simple freight philosphy explained
Spend $200 up and Australia wide shipping is for free to **any address when we give the courier authority to leave the goods at your door, removing the need to hang around and wait for the delivery. If instead you want to sign for your goods and enjoy the convenience of a redelivery at your leasure, please select the "signature on delivery" option instead currently priced at $29.95. The small fee charged for this sevrice allows us to pay for your redelivery costs.

Explanatory Notes
* Excluded weight limits - An allowance of 25 grams per dollar spend is given to balance the ratio of weight of goods vs order value. This is done to prevent our losses against excessively heavy orders that are low cost travelling to remote destinations. Where the ratio exceeds 25 grams per dollar spend and the total order value is less than $1000 or travelling more than 1500kms from postcode 2259 we reserve the right to charge an additional amount for the freight. We will contact you first to advise of any extra amount and seek your written approval, if you do not wish to accept the addiotional amount we will terminate the order and refund any monies already paid.

** Excluded shipping locations - Some post codes in remote areas must be quoted directly. These postcodes are listed below. For orders less than $200 and weighing less than 5 kilograms we provide the option of Australia post regular parcel service or express post.

How quickly can I receive my purchase?
Your order can be delivered as quickly as the next business day, right to your door if ordering and paying before 12PM on any Monday through Friday and if you reside in any overnight zones such as Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. If you would like to get an exact estimate to your suburb, please use the transit estimator link. The originating suburb is Wyong NSW 2259.
Tokentools fast shipping of welders MIG TIG ARC and Plasma Cutters
I live in a really remote area, will you still ship at your quoted flat rate?
Unfortunately our prices are boned such that we cannot absorb freight to remote areas. By this we mean islands and communities that are mostly serviced by barge. Below is a table of excluded post codes. We can still ship to you however the freight charge will need to be calculated and quoted first.
Tokentools welder store TIG MIG Plasma cutter freight exclusion chart
How do I track my package once shipped?
Once your order is shipped from our warehouse, an email is sent to you containg details of your con note and details of how to go about tracking the consignment. To take a test drive of the tracker before you order click here and enter con note number VTR00755. This package was sent close to a year ago to Melbourne and took only a day to arrive.
Are my goods insured in transit?
Your goods are insured automatically up to $10,000 per shipment within Australia however there is a $400 excess on any claims. If you would like to insure your goods directly with the freight carrier you may do so at the rate of $25 per order with a minimum insured amount of $1000.
How well are the goods packaged?

All goods are tested and inspected in our warehouse prior to packaging. We go to extra ordinary efforts to ensure freight damage does not occur. After packaging with foam and enclosing your tax invoice we strap the boxes with poly strap to ensure they withstand the rigours of an Australia wide journey to your door.

What if I am not home during the delivery attempt?
If you are not available to have the package accepted at your designated delivery address, the package will be left at your door if you elected free delivery. If instead you chose to pay for "Signature on Delivery" the goods will be returned to the depot and a card left so that you may arrange a delivery at a time that suits you. The cost of this process is absorbed by us.

What are the terms and conditions for carriage of goods?

The terms and conditions for Startrack Express are available in PDF format at the following link . Please note: Startrack Express is not a common carrier and accepts no liability for loss of goods in transit or non delivery by the due date. Goods shipped with authority to leave (a.k.a free delivery) cannot be insured.

Goods shipped where a signature is given by the recipient are insured by Tokentools Pty Ltd automatically via a third party insurer however there is an excess of $400 for any claims. Tokentools Pty Ltd cannot guarantee delivery will be effected by the estimated date as it hands over control of goods, on your behalf, when they are collected.

Estimated Delivery Time: If goods are purchased to be used or installed for a specific date and are not delivered due to the actions of Startrack Express, Tokentools Pty Ltd will undertake to refund the purchaser less any shipping fees accumulated provided the goods were ordered such that their estimated delivery date fell at minimum 30 calendar days prior to the date that the goods were required. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to return the goods to Tokentools Pty Ltd within 7 days after the actual delivery date in such circumstances.

If you have concerns about using we can assist in the collection of goods from our premises by your own carrier.

I have more questions, may I speak to someone?
You are certainly welcome to call our sales staff on 1300 881 991 between 9AM and 5PM Monday through Friday.

Welding Supplies

  Product Product code Price  
ACDC Tig Welder Metalmaster IGBT Digital Inverter Pulse Tig Welding Machine VRD HF Start Infineon IGBT Transistors Model Elite 215 Plasma Cutter Pilot Arc Multi Process Metalmaster 215 Multi-process ACDC Digital Pulse Tig Plasma Welding Plant

CODE: MM-Elite-215

ACDC Tig Welder Metalmaster IGBT Digital Inverter Pulse Tig Welding Machine VRD HF Start Infineon IGBT Transistor 210 Amps single phase Model 210 Pro Metalmaster AC DC Digital Pulse Tig Welder Alupulse 210 PRO


Synergic Mig-Welder-Metalmaster-210S Synergic Mig Welder Multi-Process MIG210S


ACDC Tig Welder Metalmaster IGBT Analogue Inverter Pulse Tig Welding Machine HF Start Infineon IGBT Transistors Model Alusync 215 Plasma Cutter Multi Process AC DC Pulse Tig Welder 210 Amps & Plasma Cutter 50 Amps - Metalmaster Alusync 215


er4043 2.4mm filler-wire-aluminium-tig-filler-rods ER4043 2.4mm x 1Kg Aluminium Tig Filler Wire Rods

CODE: TIG-ER4043-1KG-2.4mm

welding cart welders trolley Welding Cart Trolley - 3 Shelf Cart for Tig Mig Plasma Machines


Tig Torch Gas Lens Kit 17-18-26 Tig Gas Lens Kit #17 #18 #26

CODE: GLK-171826

ACDC Tig Welder Metalmaster IGBT Digital Inverter Pulse Tig Welding Machine VRD HF Start Infineon IGBT Transistors Model 256 Plasma Cutter Pilot Arc Multi Process Metalmaster 256 Multi-Process ACDC Digital Pulse Tig Welder Plasma Cutter


er316lsi filler-wire-stainless_steel_filler_rods ER316LSi 1.6mm x 1Kg Stainless Steel Tig Filler Wire Rods

CODE: TIG-ER316LSi-1KG-1.6mm

er308 filler-wire-stainless_steel_filler_rods ER308 1.6mm x 1Kg Stainless Steel Tig Filler Wire Rods

CODE: TIG-ER308-1KG-1.6mm

er5356 filler-wire-aluminium-tig-filler-rods ER5356 2.4mm x 1Kg Aluminium Tig Filler Wire Rods

CODE: TIG-ER5356-1KG-2.4mm

tig-filler-wire-er70s-6-1.6mm-filler-rods ER70S-6 1.6mm x 1Kg Mild Steel Tig Filler Wire Rods

CODE: TIG-ER70S-6-1KG-1.6mm

tig-filler-wire-er70s-6-1.6mm-filler-rods ER70S-6 1.6mm x 5Kg Mild Steel Tig Filler Wire Rods

CODE: TIG-ER70S-6-5KG-1.6mm

Weldstone-tungsten-electrodes-thoriated-2%-1.6mm-10pack-tokentools Weldstone 1.6mm 2% Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes - 10 Pack


pulse mig welder Pulse Mig Welder Multi-Process MIG250P


Weldstone tungsten-electrodes-mixed-pack-1.6mm-2.4mm-tokentools Weldstone 1.6mm & 2.4mm Tungsten Electrodes Mixed 20 Pack - Thoriated, Zirconiated


er4043 1.6mm filler-wire-aluminium-tig-filler-rods ER4043 1.6mm x 1Kg Aluminium Tig Filler Wire Rods

CODE: TIG-ER4043-1KG-1.6mm

ACDC Tig Welder Metalmaster IGBT Analogue Inverter Pulse Tig Welding Machine HF Start Infineon IGBT Transistors Model Alupulse 210 Multi Process Welder AC DC Pulse Tig Welder 210 Amps - Metalmaster Alupulse 210


medium tig torch back cap #17 #18 #26 Medium Tig Torch Back Cap #17,#18,#26

CODE: Back-Cap-Medium-171826

spare part male quick disconnect barb Quick Disconnect Male Barb

CODE: Quick Release Male 6MM