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Bubble Flow Regs

Bubble flow regulators have a bobbin style flow meter that has a small ball floating within the vertical viewing tube guage. As the gas flow rate is increased it in turn pushes on the floating bubble harder that lifts it higher and shows a higher gas discharge reading. These types of argon gas regulators are very populare amongst tig weldong operators as they allow accurate settiong of tig shielding gas flow rates.

Save 33% AR101A Welding Regulator Bubble Flow Meter
4.4 229
Saturday, July 2, 2022 $125.00 84.000000 $84.00
A tig welding shielding gas regulator with bubble flow meter, the AR-101A is the ideal welding regulator to use for your TIG welding processes. The...

Save 3% AR101A Back Purging Welding Regulator Bubble Flow Meter
5.0000 680
Saturday, July 2, 2022 $175.00 169.000000 $169.00
A back purging tig welding shielding gas regulator with dual bubble flow meters designed to meet the needs of industry where purging is required during the...
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