Welding Positioners And Positioner Chucks

Explore the new welding positioner range from Tokentools Welding Supplies Australia, all welding positioners on sale include a 5 year warranty and zero freight cost when shipped within Australia. So what is a welding positioner and how can it benefit the TIG or MIG welding process?In simple terms it is a type of welding plant used to position the work piece by rotating it whilst retaining it firmly in the positioner chuck. Welding positioners increase productivity and reduce  manufacturing costs and are used by industry experts as a must have welding accessory tool in the fabricator shop. TWS Weld Positioner machines are ideal tools for welding circular segments on components under manufacture and assist by rotating the welded component around a single axis. This manufacturing process allows the welding positioner machine operator to keep the tig mig torch in a fixed location. We offer several sizes being the ROTA350 that has a capacity of 100 kiloograms and the ROTA450 with 300 kilogram capacity. All positioners on sale are available with either 200mm welding chuck or 300mm welding chuck that can be bolted directly to the welding table and don't forget the package deals when purchasing a positioner by including the positioner chuck with a sale discount.

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Interfacing with your welding equipment is possible as the ROTA350 positioning machine features a set of dry contacts and closes the contact when operating so you could connect it to a MIG or TIG welding machine and have it weld whilst the machine is operating. A plug is also provided with the rotator. The staff at Tokentools can assist you with this if required, bespoke solutions are one of our specialties.

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This robust benchtop welding positioner machine features a digital programmable controller that will control the rotational angle, the dwell time and repeat. Need to weld 45 rotational degrees? No problem, just key it in and push down on the foot control. Whilst you are welding the controller measures out the 45 degree rotation and stops. You can also use the input trigger button to start the rotation cycle if your foot is busy with the welder's remote pedal. Ideal pipe rotator equipment for welding and conveniently shipped within Australia.


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