Corner Magnets

Corner welding magnets are used for both internal and external weld positioning whilst tacking work pieces together.

Save 10% magnet multi angle
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With the largest multi angle welding magnet available from USA based Stronghand Tools you can easily set-up 2-Axis stock at multiple angles for hands free...
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Save 20% mini magnetic angle
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Magnetic angle tools allow the welding operator to quickly set up a job to be tack welded and then remove the magnet. The benefits of using a switched magnet are in it's ability to be deactivated when not in use. The mini angle welding magnet does not require any power and is simply cleaned by giving it a wipe when the magnet is deactivated.

Save 17% corner welding magnet example use 1
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MST327 Stronghand Twin Pack Corner Welding Magnet. A quality Stronghand Tools USA magnet, this corner welding magnet has a pull force of 14 kilograms and...
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