Clamps & Pliers

Welding clamps and welding pliers are used for securing the workpiece whilst it is being welded. Innovative solutions are available in the form of clamps, multi angle clamps and pliers to help the welding artisan tackle almost any job

welding clamp welding pliers mig welding pliers  

Welding Clamps

Welding Pliers

Mig Welding Pliers

MIG PLIERS Mig Welding Pliers

NOW $18.99

Stronghand EZ Grip Ratchet Welding Clamp VER165 Stronghand EZ Grip Ratchet Clamp VER165

NOW $27.99

long reach adjustable pliers Pipe Pliers PG622V Stronghand

NOW $28.00

PB11 Pliers Holder Bench Mounting System PB11 Pliers Holder Bench Mounting System

NOW $29.20

magnetic panel clamp for welding sheet metal Magnetic Panel Clamp Twin Pack (MPC12)

NOW $34.40

pr115 locking c clamp stronghand tools Welding Clamp Locking Tool PR115 Stronghand

NOW $35.90

UDV45M Clamp UDV45M Magspring Clamp Stronghand Tools

NOW $36.00

pl622 corner pliers Welders Corner Pliers PL-622

NOW $44.00

pipe pliers pg114vm Pipe Pliers PG114VM Stronghand

NOW $46.99

shark welding clamp stronghand tools Shark Clamp SC50 Stronghand Tools

NOW $48.99

pl634 corner pliers Welders Corner Pliers PL-634

NOW $54.00

expando pliers for welding PE10M Expando Pliers Stronghand Tools

NOW $59.20

Stronghand PC924 locking chain pliers Stronghand Locking Chain Pliers PC924

NOW $59.90

pr18 locking c clamp stronghand tools Welding Pliers Locking C Clamp PR18

NOW $77.35

UG1257M Clamp UG1257M 4 in 1 Clamping System Stronghand ...

NOW $82.00

PA634 adjustable angle locking c adjustable clamp stronghand tools Jointmaster Adjustable Angle Welding Clamp...

NOW $89.00

long reach adjustable pliers Multi Purpose Adjustable Length Welding Pl...

NOW $97.20