General Purpose Rods

Weldclass general purpose welding rods are created for use in all positions, with excellent welding properties. The high grade rods are formulated for easy striking, good slag control and low spatter loss, Weldclass GP arc welding rods are easy to use for the novice and professional alike.

Save 48% Electrodes - Weldclass PLATINUM '12V' (GP) 2.6mm Handy pack
4.4 310
Thursday, July 16, 2020 $31.40 16.390000 $16.39

Handy pack of 2.6mm Arc Welding Rods designated as general purpose use. Classed as Weldclass 12V Platinum grade. Pack contains 16 welding rods.

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Save 48% Electrodes - Weldclass PLATINUM '12V' (GP) 3.2mm Handy pack 14 Rods
4.4 311
Thursday, July 16, 2020 $31.40 16.390000 $16.39

A mini Handy pack of 3.2mm Stick Welding Electrodes, general purpose use, Weldclass 12V Platinum grade.

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Save 27% Electrodes - Weldclass PLATINUM '12V' (GP) 2.5Kg 2.6mm
4.4 306
Thursday, July 16, 2020 $42.90 31.350000 $31.35

Arc Welding Rods for the busy tradie, a 2.5 kilogram bulk pack of 2.6mm General purpose Weldclass 12V MMA Electrodes.

Save 12% EElectrodes - Weldclass PLATINUM '12V' (GP) 5Kg 3.2mm
4.4 307
Thursday, July 16, 2020 $55.17 48.400000 $48.40

Hey big spender, we recognise the buying power of bulk packs and offer this 5Kg carton of 3.2mm General purpose Weldclass 12V arc welding rods at an appealing price.

Save 15% Electrodes - Weldclass PLATINUM '12V' (GP) 5Kg 4mm
4.4 308
Thursday, July 16, 2020 $56.79 48.400000 $48.40

For heavy duty welding applications you can't go past a 5Kg pack of 4.0mm General purpose Weldclass 12V stick welding rods.

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