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Plasma cutting equipment encompasses a large range of products that together enable effective use of plasma cutting apparatus. Our range includes Inverter Plasma Cutters / Plasma Cutting Machines featuring both IGBT and MOSFET inverter transistors, replacement plasma cutter torches in HF only or pilot arc variants and CNC plasma machine torches. Spare parts for plasma cutters include electrodes, plasma cutting tips, ceramic nozzles, swirl rings, replacement handles, plasma head and torch sheath. We stock an expanded range of plasma cutting circle guides and circle cutting kits for many brands of plasma cutter.

Plasma cutter swirl rings gas diffuser pt31 plasma cutter torch Save 36%
$28.00 $18.00
plasma cutter electrodes pt31 10 pack Save 17%
$35.00 $29.00
Plasma Cutter Torch Tips PT31 Torch 10 Pack Save 17%
$35.00 $29.00
Plasma Cutter Tips - 60 Series Torch Save 25%
$40.00 $30.00
60-series-electrodes-plasma-torch-consumables-10pack-tokentools Save 13%
$40.00 $35.00
60-series-electrodes-plasma-torch-consumables-20pack-tokentools Save 45%
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Plasma Cutter Tips - 60 Series Torch Save 45%
$80.00 $44.00
60-series-electrodes-plasma-torch-consumables-50pack-tokentools Save 51%
$200.00 $99.00
Plasma Cutter Tips - 60 Series Torch Save 51%
$200.00 $99.00