ACDC Tig Welder Metalmaster IGBT Digital Inverter Pulse Tig Welding Machine VRD HF Start Infineon IGBT Transistors Model Elite 215 Plasma Cutter Pilot Arc Multi Process
ACDC Tig Welder Metalmaster IGBT Digital Inverter Pulse Tig Welding Machine VRD HF Start Infineon IGBT Transistors Model Elite 215 Plasma Cutter Pilot Arc Multi Process tig-welder-alupulse-rear-tokentools metalmaster digital-tig-welder-elite 215-control-panel-tokentools multiprocess-digital-acdc-tig-welder-front view Plasma cutter torch for metalmaster 215 elite digital ergonomic-tig-welding-torch-tokentools tig-torch-parts-tokentools stick-welding-torch-tokentools welding-cable-job-clamp-tokentools
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ck9 style tig torch australia ck9 style tig torch for sale in australia 9-flex-integrated_gas_line_tig_welding_torch 17-rigid-integrated_gas_line_tig_welding_torch 17-flex-integrated_gas_line_tig_welding_torch
no tig torch stand include tig torch holder stand

Product Description

AC DC Tig Welder - The Metalmaster 215 Elite Digital is a multi-process ACDC Tig welder & plasma cutter boasting an arsenal of features administered by a clever digital control interface. This industry leading welding machine features controls found in expensive European welders such as high frequency start, up and down slope, pre and post gas flow, start and finish currents, Multiple AC waveforms, AC + DC Hybrid wave, adjustable AC frequency with balance adjustment, adjustable pulse current, pulse duty and pulse frequency, repeat (latch) function and MMA VRD welding and plasma cutting. We believe the Metalmaster 215 Elite Digital is the ultimate welding power source unit designed for precision AC DC TIG / MMAW welding of all weldable materials and plasma cutting with the included pilot arc feature set. Why spend $1000s more on a European brand when you can achieve the same result with our proven technology backed by an industry leading 5 year Australian warranty.

The features in more detail:

Plasma Cutting - A 50 amp plasma cutter is built in and a pilot arc system is standard. Ideal for future CNC coupling to a table of your choice. Easily slice through 16mm in mild steel plate or sever up to 20mm. Our inexpensive replacement consumables will save you many thousands of dollars when comparing running costs to all other competitors in Australia.

AC Wave Manipulation - This unit is capable of providing a square wave, soft square wave, sine wave, trapezoidal wave for welding of aluminium.


AC + DC Hybrid Wave - Whilst pulse Tig welding the welding power source can supply the operator with AC during the pulse cycle and DC during the base cycle. This Hybrid wave allows for welding very thin aluminium at the minimum settings or much thicker aluminium at the upper settings. DC injection during an AC welding cycle increases heat input dramatically.


Huge AC & DC Pulse Frequencies - Our 32 Bit Microprocessor design allows for 0.1 to 250 Hz Pulses in AC and 0.1 to 500Hz pulses in DC.


Enhanced MMA Welding - Now featuring MMA with VRD on or VRD off, Hot Start amps, Hot Start timer and Arc force, weld like a pro in MMA.


FOD (Fan on Demand) - The fan runs as required. Once the welding stops, the fan timer spools down the high speed fan and allows the operator to think with a clear head. Silence is golden.


Quick Disconnect - Front and rear connections have a quick disconnect so packing up and moving takes seconds.


Welding For Dummies - No need to buy the book, we have added some failsafe settings that get you unstuck if you muddle up the controls. Simply select A for Ally or F for Ferous from the memory chanels and pre load our expert settings, just adjust the amps to your requirement and weld with ease.


Pre Gas Flow - Pre gas flow allows the operator to set the amount of gas flow in seconds that is required before the Tig welding arc is activated. This is ideal for purging pipes etc before welding.

Start Amps - Hot start for TIG, this sets the amount of amperage that is provided upon pressing the Tig torch trigger. This function is used in 4T mode as initial welding current or in 2T mode as the minimum start current to heat up the tungsten.

Up Slope - Increases the output amperage from the start amps setting to the welding amps setting over the time set. For example, if start crater is 30 amps and welding current is 70 amps with 5 seconds up slope time you would experience the welding arc as follows. Upon pressing the Tig torch trigger in 2T mode the current would start at 30 amps then grow steadily for 5 seconds until it reaches 70 amps. In 4T mode upon pressing the trigger the current will start at 30 amps, when the trigger is released the current would steadily increase for 5 seconds until it reaches 70 amps.

Welding Amps - This is the welding current used for non pulse welding in Tig or MMA for DC and also AC modes.

AC Balance - This setting is critical for aluminium welding and determines the amount of time electrons flow from the job to the tungsten (cleaning) as opposed to tungsten to job (penetration) as a percentage of total AC cycle. For example if set to 40%, the electrons will spend 40% of the AC welding cycle flowing from the job to the tungsten electrode and the opposite value 60% flowing from the tungsten to the job. This in effect gives an additional penetration gain over machines without balance control.

AC Frequency - The AC frequency setting changes the amount of AC cycles that occur each second. More alternating cycles has the effect of narrowing the arc which in turn increases penetration. Lowering the AC frequency broadens the arc so is ideal for internal corners.

Pulse Amps - When pulse welding thin sheet or thin walled tubes pulse welding is a technique that is used to reduce the amount of heat that is provided to the weld as an average but increases the heat provided during pulse cycles. In effect this provides better penetration whilst reducing distortion. The pulse welding current is set at a value that can penetrate the full thickness of the material and form a weld pool.

Base Amps - Base amps is used during the pulse welding procedure and sets the background current. In effect the base amps control sets the amount of amperage that is provided between pulses and this amount must be set sufficiently low that it allows the material to cool and solidify. As it is not practical to extinguish the welding arc in between pulses, the base current effectively keeps the arc active but does so at a value that will not affect the weld pool.

Pulse Ratio - The pulse ratio is the proportion of time the welding arc will pulse as opposed to not pulse. If set at 50% there will be a pulse and base current applied in equal proportions. If set to 20% there will be a pulse for 20% of the cycle and a base current for 80% of the cycle. An example of what is occurring may be calculated as follows. We may be welding 2mm sheet so could set the pulse current at 80 amps and base current at 20 amps. In normal operation an 80 amp welding current would blow a hole right through the 2mm sheet however in pulse welding mode we can pulse the 80 amps at say 30% of the time and have our base current of 20 amps for 70% of the time. The result is (80 x 0.3 = 24) + (20 x 0.7 = 14) = 38 Amps. You could not weld the material at 38 amps no matter how hard you try however using pulse welding techniques it is easy to achieve excellent penetration and do so at a reduced AVERAGE welding current.

Pulse Frequency - This is how fast the pulses repeat each second. Increasing pulse frequency can again narrow the arc slightly thus increasing penetration as the welding arc energy is concentrated into a smaller zone.

Down Slope - This is the opposite to up slope in that it decreases the output welding current over time until it arrives at the final crater current value.

Post Gas Flow - Post gas flow is used to keep the tungsten welding electrode immersed in an inert gas shield whilst it is hot. If you do not whiled the electrode it will oxidise in the atmosphere due to it's heat when it comes into contact with oxygen. You may also hover over the weld bead during the gas post flow period to keep it shielded whilst it cools down.

Parameter Buttons
Wave - For Tig welding processes, this push button selects AC welding current or DC welding current. In MMA stick welding procedures you may press the WAVE selector in order to toggle the output welding current polarity. Switching from electrode positive to electrode negative simply requires a push of this button.

Trigger - 2T or 4T selection is made by pushing this button.
In 2T mode pressing the torch trigger will initiate the pre gas flow, start the arc at start crater value, up slope, provide welding current. Releasing the button will provide down slope until final crater current value, extinguish the arc and then provide gas post flow.
In 4T mode pressing the torch trigger will initiate the pre gas flow and start the arc at start crater value. Releasing the torch trigger will up slope and provide the set welding current. At this point you will note the operator does not need to hold the torch trigger to continue welding. Pressing the Tig torch trigger again will provide down slope until final crater current value is reached. Releasing the Tig torch trigger will extinguish the arc and then provide gas post flow.
The "T" represents a change in trigger value so a push and release as in the first example is two changes hence the term 2T. In the second example the welding torch trigger was pushed, released, pushed, and released again. This was four trigger change of states hence the term 4T.
If using a variable amps remote control that is torch mounted you must do so in 4T. You simply press and release the trigger so that you do not need to hold it whilst welding. This leaves your finger free to control and vary the welding amperage of the machine. To stop the welding process simpley press and release the gig torch trigger again.

Tig / MMA Welding Mode - This push button selects the welder's operating mode. You may select Tig welding, Pulse Tig welding and MMA / Stick welding.

Parameter Select - Pushing these buttons allows the operator to select the many adjustable parameters that are represented by an illuminated LED along the welding function line in the centre of the panel.

Parameter Adjust - This rotary encoder is used to change the value of any selected parameter. Turning will increase or decrease the value in increments of one. For increased speed of adjustment,  pushing the knob whilst turning will change values in increments of 10.

Tig Start - The Tig start selector is used to inhibit the HF Tig start circuit. The operator may toggle between HF Tig start and Lift Tig start.

Memory - Memory functions are available to store settings. Use it to save favourite set up when jobbing.

Metalmaster welding machines come standard with a 5 year parts and labour warranty.  All IGBT transistors are manufactured by Infineon, chosen for their ability to provide dependable power in the toughest of environments. With the Metalmaster Alupulse 210 Pro you will have one tough inverter AC DC TIG MMA welder ready to attack and conquer any welding job you put to it.

Product Features & Specification

Condition (?)

  • New New

Brief Overview (?)

  • Metalmaster Metalmaster
  • 5 Years Parts & Labour 5 Years Parts & Labour
  • 1 x 240 Volt 15 Amp Supply - Single Phase 1 x 240 Volt 15 Amp Supply - Single Phase
  • Pulse Welding Pulse Welding
  • AC Tig Welding AC Tig Welding
  • DC Tig Welding DC Tig Welding
  • Hybrid Pulse Welding (AC + DC ) Hybrid Pulse Welding (AC + DC )
  • DC MMA Welding DC MMA Welding
  • Plasma Cutting Plasma Cutting
  • 2T / 4T Trigger Latching 2T / 4T Trigger Latching
  • Pre Flow Shielding Gas Timer Pre Flow Shielding Gas Timer
  • Adjustable Start Amps Adjustable Start Amps
  • Adjustable Finish Amps Adjustable Finish Amps
  • Welds Aluminium Welds Aluminium
  • Welds Stainless Steel Welds Stainless Steel
  • Welds Other Metals Welds Other Metals
  • Cuts all metals Cuts all metals
  • Adjustable AC Welding Frequency Adjustable AC Welding Frequency
  • Adjustable AC Balance / Cleaning Action Adjustable AC Balance / Cleaning Action
  • Hybrid Pulse Welding Mode (AC + DC) Hybrid Pulse Welding Mode (AC + DC)
  • Pulse Welding Mode Pulse Welding Mode
  • Adjustable Pulse Width / Duty Adjustable Pulse Width / Duty
  • Adjustable Pulse Welding Frequency Adjustable Pulse Welding Frequency
  • Arc Force Arc Force
  • Hot Start Amps Hot Start Amps
  • Hot Start Time Hot Start Time
  • VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) VRD (Voltage Reduction Device)
  • Post Flow Shielding Gas Timer Post Flow Shielding Gas Timer
  • Up Slope Up Slope
  • Down Slope Down Slope
  • Push Button Start HF Ignition Push Button Start HF Ignition
  • Preset Amps Control / Display Preset Amps Control / Display
  • IGBT - Siemens / Infineon Power Transistors IGBT - Siemens / Infineon Power Transistors
  • L50cm x W23cm x H44cm L50cm x W23cm x H44cm
  • Weight - 25 Kilograms Weight - 25 Kilograms

Plasma Cutting Features

  • Pilot Arc Ignition Pilot Arc Ignition
  • Cuts all metals Cuts all metals
  • Clean cut to 16mm in mild steel Clean cut to 16mm in mild steel
  • Severance cut to 20mm in mild steel Severance cut to 20mm in mild steel
  • Requires 60PSI compressed air Requires 60PSI compressed air
  • Requires 7CFM of compressed air Requires 7CFM of compressed air
  • Includes filter / dryer (water trap) Includes filter / dryer (water trap)
  • Rear Mounted Air Pressure Gauge Rear Mounted Air Pressure Gauge

Tig Welding Features (?)

  • Touch Lift Arc Start Touch Lift Arc Start
  • Push Button Start (HF) Push Button Start (HF)
  • Electric Solenoid activates when torch trigger is pressed Electric Solenoid activates when torch trigger is pressed
  • Preflow - 0 to 10 seconds Preflow - 0 to 10 seconds
  • Postflow - 0 to 25 seconds Postflow - 0 to 25 seconds
  • AC Square Wave Frequency - 30Hz to 250Hz AC Square Wave Frequency - 30Hz to 250Hz
  • AC Balance - 10% to 90% AC Balance - 10% to 90%
  • AC + DC Hybrid Wave Frequency - 30Hz to 250Hz AC + DC Hybrid Wave Frequency - 30Hz to 250Hz
  • AC Sine Wave Frequency - 30Hz to 250Hz AC Sine Wave Frequency - 30Hz to 250Hz
  • AC Soft Square Wave Frequency - 30Hz to 250Hz AC Soft Square Wave Frequency - 30Hz to 250Hz
  • AC Triangular Wave Frequency - 30Hz to 250Hz AC Triangular Wave Frequency - 30Hz to 250Hz
  • DC Pulse Width DC Pulse Width
  • DC Pulse Frequency DC Pulse Frequency
  • AC & DC Pulse Width AC & DC Pulse Width
  • AC & DC Pulse Frequency AC & DC Pulse Frequency
  • DC Amps 5 to 210 DC Amps 5 to 210
  • AC Amps 10 to 210 AC Amps 10 to 210
  • AC Square Wave AC Square Wave
  • AC Sine Wave AC Sine Wave
  • AC Soft Square Wave AC Soft Square Wave
  • AC Triangular Wave AC Triangular Wave
  • AC + DC Mixed Mode (Pulse Tig Only) AC + DC Mixed Mode (Pulse Tig Only)
  • DC DC
  • AC + DC Hybrid Wave Pulse Frequency - 0.1Hz to 10Hz AC + DC Hybrid Wave Pulse Frequency - 0.1Hz to 10Hz
  • AC Pulse Frequency 0.1Hz to 250Hz AC Pulse Frequency 0.1Hz to 250Hz
  • Pulse Amps AC - 10 to 210 Pulse Amps AC - 10 to 210
  • Pulse Duty - 5% to 95% Pulse Duty - 5% to 95%
  • Pulse Amps DC - 5 to 210 Pulse Amps DC - 5 to 210
  • DC Pulse Frequency - 0.1Hz to 500Hz DC Pulse Frequency - 0.1Hz to 500Hz
  • Yes Yes
  • Foot Pedal Compatible Foot Pedal Compatible
  • Variable Amps Torch Compatible Variable Amps Torch Compatible
  • Down Slope - 1 to 20 seconds Down Slope - 1 to 20 seconds
  • Up Slope - 1 to 20 seconds Up Slope - 1 to 20 seconds
  • Yes Yes
  • Available by selecting 2T mode Available by selecting 2T mode
  • Finish Crater - 10 to 150 Amps AC Welding Finish Crater - 10 to 150 Amps AC Welding
  • Start Crater - 10 to 150 Amps AC Welding Start Crater - 10 to 150 Amps AC Welding
  • Available by selecting 4T mode Available by selecting 4T mode
  • Start Crater - 5 to 150 Amps DC Welding Start Crater - 5 to 150 Amps DC Welding
  • Finish Crater - 5 to 150 Amps DC Welding Finish Crater - 5 to 150 Amps DC Welding

MMA Welding Features (?)

  • 10 to 170 Amps 10 to 170 Amps
  • Arc Force Arc Force
  • AC AC
  • DC DC
  • MMA with VRD Activated MMA with VRD Activated
  • MMA with VRD Deactivated MMA with VRD Deactivated
  • Hot Start Amps Hot Start Amps
  • Hot Start Amps Time Hot Start Amps Time

Duty Cycles

  • 160 Amps @ 100% Duty 160 Amps @ 100% Duty
  • 210 Amps @ 60% Duty 210 Amps @ 60% Duty
  • 100 Amps @ 100% Duty 100 Amps @ 100% Duty
  • 170Amps @ 60% Duty 170Amps @ 60% Duty
  • 30 Amps @ 100% Duty 30 Amps @ 100% Duty
  • 50 Amps @ 60% Duty 50 Amps @ 60% Duty

What is in the box?

  • 215 Elite Digital Inverter Welding Power Supply 215 Elite Digital Inverter Welding Power Supply
  • 1 x 4 Metre 60 Series Ergonomic Pilot Arc Plasma Cutting Torch  1 x 4 Metre 60 Series Ergonomic Pilot Arc Plasma Cutting Torch
  • 1 x 4 Metre Binzel Compatible 26 Series Ergonomic Tig Torch  1 x 4 Metre Binzel Compatible 26 Series Ergonomic Tig Torch
  • 1 x 3 Meter MMA Twist Lock Torch and Cable  1 x 3 Meter MMA Twist Lock Torch and Cable
  • 1 x 3 Meter Job Clamp and Cable 1 x 3 Meter Job Clamp and Cable
  • 1 x Reinforced gas Line  1 x Reinforced gas Line
  • 1 x Tig Torch Accessory Kit  1 x Tig Torch Accessory Kit
  • 1 x Instruction Manual  1 x Instruction Manual

Product Manual



Metalmaster215 Elite Digital Manual


This product manual is provided for easy internet download and viewing, the file size is 40 Megabytes, click on the image above to begin the download process. A printed colour manual is also provided with the welding machine.


Shipping & Warranty


This welding machine includes a 5 year (60) month warranty against manufacturing faults and defects however the customer has the ability to reduce the warranty period in order to obtain a greater discount. In circumstances where the customer elects to take a 2 Year or 1 Year warranty the 5 Year warranty will no longer apply and instead the selected warranty period along with applicable discount will apply and such direction will be noted on the sales invoice.

All welders for sale by are covered by Consumer Guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to return any item that is deemed faulty within a reasonable timeframe from the date the sale agreement took place. If an item has a minor defect, we will provide a repair or offer you a replacement or a refund. If an item is found to have a major manufacturing defect, you are entitled to receive an identical replacement or one of similar value, receive a refund or keep the goods and receive compensation for any other reasonable foreseeable loss or damage. For more information about your rights as a consumer, see the Australian Consumer Law website at



Our products are typically despatched from our warehouse on the same day if payment is made before 2PM.

All of our orders are despatched quickly. We don't like you to wait for your purchases. In fact over 90% of deliveries to major metro areas across Australia's East Coast arrive within 2 business days from the day we confirm payment (that's same day for credit card and PayPal orders). West Coast orders take 4 days longer. If you live in a regional area then we suggest you allow up to 4 additional days for your goods to arrive. A tracking number will be emailed to you upon shipping of your product and you will be able to get an ETA delivery date fro that source

This welding supply is also available for pickup from our showroom located at Unit 6, 9-11 Willow Tree Rd Wyong NSW 2259 during opening hours. See the pickups information for more details.



Product Reviews


Peter -

Received my MetalMaster 215 Elite, set it up (child's play), grabbed some Argon and set about welding.

All I can say is that this machine must have been created to compensate for lack of operator talent. To put this into perspective; until yesterday the sum total of my TIG experience was watching YouTube welding videos. But half an hour after getting started with my new machine, I was successfully welding serviceable 90 degree outside joints in 2mm aluminium alloy plate. And I'm yet to even get into the more complex settings - I just selected 'A' for aluminium from the memory, set my amps and started welding.

My brother, an experienced welder, stepped in to try the machine and commented "This machine is so smooth a monkey could weld with it."

I continue to be impressed by Token Tools machines and service. Thanks for all your help.


I did a lot of research between many multi machines and couldn't decide between the everlast 210ext and the metalmaster 215 elite until I realised the metalmaster was 400 cheaper, had a plasma in it and also had every same exact control function as the 210ext. I chose the metalmaster 215 and am happy with it and delivery was very fast. I will do some more reviews later on also.


Hi Pete

Well, I have had a week now to play with my new toy and I must say it is a great machine.

I am gobsmacked by how well the Plasma Cutter slices through material – this will get a lot of use.

Being new to TIG (after 15 years of MIG) I am on a steep learning curve but there is so much information available – especially on YouTube – that I am now starting to be able to make a few decent welds. I’m surprised how easy it is to weld aluminium as most people say its more difficult than steel.

I like the memory feature of the machine as for my many practice weld runs I simply used the Steel and Aluminium settings – made it easy to get started.

I like the pulse feature and today will be trying that on some aluminium.

Hand control vs foot control? If you hold the hand control as many videos say then its awkward using the amps adjuster but I actually am more comfortable holding the control from above. I think this is more practical for other than working on small bench projects.

Finally – the little note you included re C type vs D type circuit breakers explained to me why my MIG has often tripped on higher amperage settings. The new machine trips just once on start up. I have ordered a D type circuit breaker so I should have uninterrupted MIGing and TIGing from now on.



(originally received as email, reposted with Geoff's consent)


Hi,I've had the metalmaster tig as soon as it got me released.used many brand name equipment.the metalmaster is awesome.was so close to spending alot of $ on another tig,glad I didn't. Just wanted to give some positive feedback on your purchase will be your turntable.thankyou

** Originally posted on


When I was looking for a new TIG welder and Plasma cutter, I searched for equipment reviews and the Tokentools machines and after sales service popped up a few times on different blogs. The 5 year warranty, excellent after sales service and price were the key factors in my buying decision. I bought the Elite Digital 215 and had a small issue with the TIG torch, but the torch was changed without question and a new one delivered promptly as promised. Since then the performance of the unit has been fantastic and I think the default settings for Iron and Aluminium are great to help new users get started. I've recommended Tokentools to a couple of workmates who are looking at buying new units. Keep up the good work.


Dear Pete and all the team at Token Tools,
I don't usually do this but I thought i would send you a quick note.
I received my welder On Wednesday and was happily surprised by the fast turnaround between ordering and delivery, as well as the correspondence letting me know where it was in the system.
I was also pleasantly surprised to find a spare complimentary torch/lead assembly with a rigid head in the package.
I have had a little spare time to try the welder out and I am extremely happy with it.
I will be recommending your company to anyone searching for a quality welder at a realistic price.
Thank you.


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