Gas Circuit Parts

Many types of gas circuit parts are available to suit the range of Tokentools welding machines. Replacement solenoids, quick disconnect male barbs, quick disconnect females, traditional brass barb fittings, hose crimps and more are available from within this category.


Gas Connectors

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These Metalmaster gas line adjustable hose clamps are available from your local hardware store also however if you are not inclined to go for a walk we can post them out to you.

Quick Disconnect Male Barb

CODE: Quick Release Male 6MM

$11.00   $5.00
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A Metalmaster Spare Part, this male barb that is designed to mate with a quick disconnect female coupling will suit many applications beyond welding. Spare parts for your welding machine.

Screw On Gas Connector

CODE: TIG-Gas-Screw-On-Conn

$17.88   $8.20
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A quality Metalmaster spare part, the screw on gas connector is suited to threaded front and rear panel mount gas line interfaces. The gas line slips over the barb and the locking spline then reverse threads over the gas line to lock it in. The hex nut is then fitted to the threaded barb on your equipment and tightened.

$24.00   $14.00
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A Metalmaster Spare Part, this female quick disconnect coupling may be panel mounted or directly hose mounted. By using the corresponding male barb you can easily set up a quick disconnect hose system which facilitates trouble free tig / plasma changes on muti process welding machines.