Under 150 Amps

Portable arc welders under 150 Amps use a coated metal electrode to provide an electrode, filler material and shielding gas. These portable machines rated at less than 150 Amps are a constant curreent power supply and are perhaps the most widely used welding machines in the world.

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A budget arc welder for basic stick welding operations. The Tokentools Arc 162 is a portable inverter MMA / Stick welder weighing just 5 Kilograms.... More 

Mig Welder Multiprocess 3in1 MTS Mig Tig Stick - Tokentools MIG200



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An inverter multiprocess mig welder, the Tokentools MIG200 is a 240 volt MIG, TIG and MMA ARC Welder rolled into one lightweight package. Also known as an MTS (Mig Tig Stick) welder, this machine features DC MIG / DC MAG, DC TIG, DC MMA ARC with reversible polarity for gas and gasless mig wire use. The constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) power source is made possible by a high efficiency 25 kiloherz IGBT quad core inverter matrix and the wire drive is smoothly driven by a pulse width modulated controller and features twin rollers with a metal gearbox. Other benefits are the digital volts display, digital amps display, over 100 voltage selections in 0.1 volt increments, in short you’ve got the ultimate unit designed for precision MIG MAG TIG and MMAW applications for all weldable materials.