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Multi-Process MIG Welders

Multi Process Inverter MIG Welders, also called MTS welding machines are now widely used in domestic and commercial applications. Their space saving, cost reducing principles have gained popularity in the Australian and global welding markets. They sell themselves as they contain most welding functions typically required such as MIG for speed, Tig for accuracy and Stick for simplicity. The Tokentools Inverter Multi Process Mig welding machines ship standard with all torches so you are ready to weld straight out of the box if using stick rods or gasless mig wire. For Tig functions you will also need a gas regulator, gas bottle and tungsten electrodes. All machines on sale via the Tokentools online have a 5 year parts and labour warranty on all inverter mig welders for sale across Australia.

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A Synergic Mig Welder, the Tokentools Metalmaster MIG210S is a digital controlled 240 volt Synergic MIG, TIG and MMA ARC welding machine. So what is a Synergic Mig welder and how can you benefit? Synergic Mig welding machines provide incremental current pulses which form small droplets of similar sized molten material on the tip of the Welding wire combined with the other specific relationships necessary for stable wire burn off. These droplets detach and fall into the weld pool. Incremental current pulses are unique to a given material and wire diameter and their details are programmed into the synergic welder control board. In practical terms, this allows an operator to pre-select wire material and diameter once for any welding operation, then adjust the one control that governs wire feed rate. Adjustments made by the operator are then displayed as an amperage setting providing easy interpretation of the amout of energy being supplied to the welding wire. The ‘one knob’ operation synonymous with this type of power source is the principal advantage of such a system compared to conventional non-synergic sets that require independent volts and wire speed settings that cannot be interpreted as amperage without complex calculations.

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