3 Way Magnets

3 Way welding magnets are also known as XYZ welding magnets or 3 axis weld magnets. They are usefull for holding the job to be welded until the welding operator has tacked the pieces together. The magnets may then be removed and the job can be welded proper.

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With the largest multi angle welding magnet available from USA based Stronghand Tools you can easily set-up 2-Axis stock at multiple angles for hands free... More 

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A quality Stronghand Tools USA magnet, this 3 axis mini magnet has a pull force of 10 kilograms. Welding magnets are ideal for holding jobs in position... More 

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Magnetic angle tools allow the welding operator to quickly set up a job to be tack welded and then remove the magnet. The benefits of using a switched magnet are in it's ability to be deactivated when not in use. The mini angle welding magnet does not require any power and is simply cleaned by giving it a wipe when the magnet is deactivated.

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A larger version of the multi angle switchable welding magnet.  Product # MSA-8100350 Magnet Strength / max breakaway: 40 kg (90 lbs) Max... More 

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A fusion of magnetic multi welding angle and switchable magnetic ground clamp, combine two tools into one. The On/Off Multi Purpose Mini Angle workholding... More 

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A switchable vice that can be used on any magnetic surface with all magnetic materials. The Magvise 400 multi angle MagVise sets up in seconds and holds... More