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option not to add a foot control for the tig welder and also leave out the argon shielding gas regulator foot control for tig welder
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AC DC Pulse Tig Welder - Our Alu pulse 200 welder has served well for 7 years in the Australian market offering an industry leading warranty of 5 years, excellent price performance ratio and dedicated customer support. The NEW Alu pulse 210 is even better with more than 200 amps weld pulse current and built on the same sturdy and dependable IGBT inverter transistor welding core but with a digital back end and a front panel full of ADC's, Analogue to Digital converters. Fusing the appeal of gentle control via knobs and at a glance settings recognition with accurate digital microprocessor control. We have also adapted some of the features from the Elite and Pro range of machines such as FOD, Fan On Demand and a dedicated TIG water cooling power socket on the rear. Did we mention the flip up front clear plastic cover that protects the control panel from debris?


The new Metalmaster Alupulse 210 Inverter ACDC Pulse Tig Welder is a 240 volt, full arc control, AC & DC TIG Welder / MMA Stick Welder, HF TIG power source. Standard features on this machine include high frequency arc ignition, up and down slope, start amps and crater amperage settings, pre flow, post flow, adjustable AC frequency with a massive 20 to 250Hz range, high and low pulse welding modes, repeat (latch) function and Stick / MMA welding functionality. 


The Metalmaster Alupulse 210 multi function welder cutter is designed to be an all round product suitable for precision TIG / MMAW welding of all weldable materials. The Tig machine features push button activated HF Arc Ignition and a Gas Solenoid for automatic control of the shielding gas. A large capacity fan that switches on and off when required ensures years of high duty cycle operation. Operation is quite straight forward via the oil /acid resistant membrane control panel with protective front flip cover and the steel case will provide superior protection against accidental bumps.


All IGBT transistors are manufactured by Infineon, chosen for their ability to provide dependable power in the toughest of environments. With the Metalmaster Alupulse 210 you will have one inverter TIG MMA welder ready to attack and conquer any job you put to it.

Brief Overview (More Info)

  • New
  • Metalmaster
  • 5 Years Parts & Labour
Power Requirement:
  • 1 x 240 Volt 15 Amp Supply - Single Phase
Welding Process:
  • AC Tig Welding
  • DC Tig Welding
  • Pulse Tig Welding
  • DC MMA Welding
At A Glance :
  • 2T / 4T Trigger Latching
  • Pre Flow Shielding Gas Timer
  • Adjustable Start Amps
  • Adjustable Finish Amps
  • Welds Aluminium
  • Welds Stainless Steel
  • Welds Other Metals
  • Adjustable AC Welding Frequency
  • Adjustable AC Balance / Cleaning Action
  • Pulse Welding Mode
  • Adjustable Pulse Width / Duty
  • Adjustable Pulse Welding Frequency
  • Arc Force
  • Post Flow Shielding Gas Timer
  • Up Slope
  • Down Slope
  • Push Button Start HF Ignition
  • Preset Amps Control / Display
  • Digital Readout
Inverter Type :
  • IGBT - Siemens / Infineon Power Transistors
Dimensions and weight:
  • L50cm x W23cm x H44cm
  • Weight - 25 Kilograms

Tig Welding Features (More Info)

Arc Ignition :
  • Push Button Start (HF)
Gas Control :
  • Electric Solenoid activates when torch trigger is pressed
  • Preflow - 0 to 10 seconds
  • Postflow - 0 to 25 seconds
Waveform Control :
  • AC Square Wave Frequency - 20Hz to 250Hz
  • AC Balance - 10% to 90%
  • AC & DC Pulse Width
  • AC & DC Pulse Frequency
Tig Welding Amps Range:
  • DC Amps 5 to 210
  • AC Amps 10 to 210
Tig Welding Waveform :
  • AC Square Wave
  • DC
Pulse Welding Features :
  • Pulse Duty - 10% to 90%
  • Pulse Frequency - 0.5Hz to 25Hz
  • Pulse Frequency - 25Hz to 250Hz
Remote Amps Control Capable :
  • Yes
  • Foot Pedal Compatible
  • Variable Amps Torch Compatible
Slope Control :
  • Down Slope - 1 to 25 seconds
  • Yes
  • Up Slope - 1 to 10 seconds
Crater Current:
  • Start Amps - 5 to 210 Amps DC Welding
  • Finish Crater - 10 to 200 Amps

MMA Welding Features (More Info)

MMA Welding Amps Range:
  • 10 to 170 Amps
MMA Current Waveform Control :
  • DC

Duty Cycles

Tig Welding Duty Cycles:
  • 160 Amps @ 100% Duty
  • 210 Amps @ 60% Duty
MMA Welding Duty Cycles:
  • 100 Amps @ 100% Duty
  • 140 Amps @ 60% Duty
  • 160 Amps @ 35% Duty

What is in the box?

All items listed are included in the standard package:
  • 1 x Alupulse 210 Inverter Welding Power Supply
  • 1 x 4 Metre Binzel Compatible 26 Series Ergonomic Tig Torch
  • 1 x 3 Meter MMA Twist Lock Torch and Cable
  • 1 x 3 Meter Job Clamp and Cable
  • 1 x Reinforced gas Line
  • 1 x Tig Torch Accessory Kit
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
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