Inverter Welders

Inverter welders are gaining popularity amongst professionals and amateurs alike, everywhere from construction industries to home engineering hobby workshops. Their easy to use functions, portability and some other additional features like high duty cycles create circumstances that ensure most of the people that need to join metals together prefer to have inverter weldering units. Some of the latest features that make these units the first choice of people not only for industrial purpose, but also for home workshops are full multi process capabilities (GMAW / FCAW, MIG, MMAW, GTAW) and standard compliant voltage reduction device or VRD. In addition to this, the fully compliant to AS 60974.1, digital voltage and amperage meters,enclosure rated to IP23S, etc., are also some of the latest features that make them the right choice to use for welding jobs.


Inverter Welders For Sale Australia


Tokentools Pty Ltd develop the available models of welders on this site with professional quality and reliabilityin mind. In this way, they are perfectfor all. If you are a farmer living in a rural setting and need such equipments for home workshop use, just take a look and pay that little extra for quality and design. The result will show in your work; thus it will reward you for years to come.

The specifications like MIG (GMAW/FCAW), Stick (MMAW), Lift TIG (GTAW) process, voltage supply of 240 volt AC +/-5%, 50/60Hz (15A plug) and current range from 10 to 300 amps make it the right welding tool to use for all types of welding jobs. Not only for inverting welding units, but for all types of other welders,we offer Five-Year Warranty, 30-Day Money Back offer, and generous Upgrade Policy that shows our confidence in our quality. We never compromise with quality and timely delivery and this is the main reason that our clientele is gaining momentum day after day. These welders come with genuine,industry standard, torches and accessories. You can buy spares and consumables from us or your local welding supplier.

Most of the welders including inverter welders come standard with Siemans IGBT technology fromGermany to ensure the highest quality product available. Needless to say, our inverter welders and other related products are of high quality and you will definitely be impressed by the price and quality of your products that are available at our portal. 


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