Magnetic On Off Ground Clamp Welding


Save 43% magswitch mini welding angle ground clamp
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A fusion of magnetic multi welding angle and switchable magnetic ground clamp, combine two tools into one. The On/Off Multi Purpose Mini Angle workholding...
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Save 13% magswitch 300 amp magnetic job clamp 8100746
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The Magswitch 300 Amp is a switched magnetic ground clamp. To ensure your welding operations don't suffer from poor connections as a result of worn springs in standard aligator type clamps, add this magnetic welding accessory to your tool box.


The Magswitch is easily operated by simply placing the ground connection onto the workpiece and then twisting the black handle. When finished the magnet is deactived by turning the black handle again and shaking free any metal particles before placing back into storage.

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