Tig Torches Remote Control

Tig remote amperage control allows any of our 9,9v,9F,17,17v,17F,18,18F,20,20F,26 Tig welding torch models to be used as a finger amp control to vary the welding amperage remotely from the Tig machine. The Tig welding hand control torch is custom assembled to suit your needs. Tig torch fingertip control is also available on the water cooled torches.

$295.00 239 $239.00

Tig remote amperage control torch with 17 series Tig torch body. Use the Tig torch fingertip control to change the welding amperage on the fly.

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$439.00 325 $325.00

Water cooled remote Tig torch with 18 series torch body and variable amps Tig welding hand control.

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$352.00 309 $309.00

The 20 series water cooled Tig torch featuring Tig remote amperage control is easy to use and ideal when you can't get to the welder due to the size of the job or your position when welding. Simply adjust the welding amps with the Tig torch hand switch mounted conveniently for fingertip or hand control.

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$324.00 245 $245.00

A remote hand control Tig torch with 26 series Tig torch body. Easily change the welding amperage with torch fingertip control whilst Tig welding.

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$295.00 269 $269.00

Tig amperage remote control welding torch with 9 series Tig torch body.

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