Tig Finger

The TIG FINGER has become the accessory of the everyday welder, reducing burns and keeping heat at bay. The TIGSHIELD Tig Finger welding aid is manufactured from woven glass fibre and comfortably slips over your tig gloved finger to provide an extra level of insulation between you and that hot workpiece.


  • Suitable for all welding positions
  • 100% woven glass fibre
  • Comples with Australian Standards
  • Great for welding aluminium, stainless, mild steel, chrome molly.

The next time you are almost finished knocking out the best bead of your career and the heat is telling you to give up, the tig finger will allow you to effertlessly slide on to the finish with reduced risk of burning.


A TIG finger lets you prop anywhere.

  • Some more welding jobs where a TIG finger comes in handy are....
  • injection mould repair where a preheat is required.
  • aluminium castings like transmission housings
  • stainless steel boat props
  • marine tubing
  • handrails
  • wrought iron
  • welding sculpture
  • bronze castings
  • copper alloys
  • small bore stainless pipe....