Tig Water Coolers

Tig water coolers are used to extract the excess heat that creates operator discomfort when welding at high amperage. Typically associated with ACDC aluminium welding, AC welding current creates more heat at the torch head which travels down the torch body and before long a game of hot potato ensues. By employing the use of a water cooled torch and a Tig water cooler the operator can remove this heat and spend more time welding productively.

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The Tokentools TIG water cooler is a TIG welding accessory that serves to remove heat from the TIG welding torch. A TIG welding water cooler is required for welding processes that typically exceed 150 amps for long durations of time. The machine is comprised of an Italian motor that has a fan and brass impeller pump at opposing ends. The pump takes water from a storage tank and pumps it through your water cooled TIG welding torch before returning it via the rear mounted radiator coil. After the water is cooled it returns to the storage tank and the process repeats.  Connection to the TIG welding torch is via two quick disconnect fittings which are supplied with the package are easy to install to any tig welders torch. The barbs are designed to accomodate a TIG torch water line of 5mm inner diameter. The machine is independant of your welder so it can be used with any brand welder and Tig Torch. Please check our TIG welder torch section for a suitable WP18 water cooled torch if you do not already own one.