Welding Tools

We stock a variety of welding tools to make getting the job done easier. Very popular items include the latest in switchable welding magnets that are available as magnetic job clamps or magnetic ground clamps, switchable magnetic levels and even multi angle switchable magnets for easy of work set up. Just tack into position, remove the switchable magnets and weld. Our range of pliers and clamps include pipe pliers, long nose pliers, sheet metal pliers and the clamps are available as multi-angle clamps, corner magnet clamps, 90 degree welding clamps and the tough shark clamp & chain pliers. Welding positioners help rotate the workpiece and the welding tables enable clamping of the work to the table by the aformentioned hand tools. The welding trolleys and carts assist the tradesman in moving welding machine and gas cyclinders around the workshop.

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Welding Tables

MIG PLIERS Mig Welding Pliers

NOW $18.99

Magswitch MagJig 60 Keychain Magnet 8100514 Magswitch MagJig 60 Keychain Magnet 8100514

NOW $24.95

Stronghand EZ Grip Ratchet Welding Clamp VER165 Stronghand EZ Grip Ratchet Clamp VER165

NOW $27.99

long reach adjustable pliers Pipe Pliers PG622V Stronghand

NOW $28.00

magnet multi angle Welding Magnet Multi Angle Max 40KG Pull F...

NOW $28.99

magtab magnetic positioning aid MFT10 Magtab Magnetic Welding Positioning Aid

NOW $29.00

tig torch stand hold magnetic rest Tig Torch Holder - Tig Stand - Magnetic To...

NOW $29.00

PB11 Pliers Holder Bench Mounting System PB11 Pliers Holder Bench Mounting System

NOW $29.20

mini welding magnet 3 axis Welding Magnet - XYZ Mini 3 Way - Twin Pack

NOW $32.99

magnetic panel clamp for welding sheet metal Magnetic Panel Clamp Twin Pack (MPC12)

NOW $34.40

mini magnetic angle Magswitch Mini Angle Magnetic Welding Tool

NOW $34.99

pr115 locking c clamp stronghand tools Welding Clamp Locking Tool PR115 Stronghand

NOW $35.90

UDV45M Clamp UDV45M Magspring Clamp Stronghand Tools

NOW $36.00

Magnetic V Pad Welding Magnets Kit V Pad Welding Magnet Pack

NOW $43.99

corner welding magnet example use 1 Corner Welding Magnet - Twin Pack

NOW $44.00

magtab MFT17 magnetic positioning aid MFT17 Magtab Magnetic Welding Positioning

NOW $44.00

pl622 corner pliers Welders Corner Pliers PL-622

NOW $44.00

torpedo magnetic welders level Torpedo Magnetic Welders Level (Mag-Level)

NOW $46.00

pipe pliers pg114vm Pipe Pliers PG114VM Stronghand

NOW $46.99

snake welding magnet package Snake Welding Magnet MFC318

NOW $48.00