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no chuck for welding rotator 450mm 3 jaw chuck
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A welding positioner, the ROTA450 is the largest in our stocked range of positioning tools. The 450mm table is well suited for large objects as is the low range speed delivered via a step down gearbox and electronic speed control. The Rota450 can turn as low as 0.2 RPM which is well suited to large diameter pipes, this is 1 revolution in a five minute period.


This robust unit features a digital programmable controller that will control the rotational angle, the dwell time and repeat. Need to weld 45 rotational degrees? No problem, just key it in and push down on the foot control. Whilst you are welding the controller measures out the 45 degree rotation and stops. You can also use the input trigger button to start the rotation cycle if your foot is busy with the welder's remote pedal.


With the ROTA450 the operator will have a consistent weld without the need to move the welding torch around the work piece. The same applies when welding around the perimeter of a circular object. The controller supports angles from one degree up to thousands of degrees (multiple revolutions). Dwell time enables the set up a predetermined rest period between rotational segments. For example, the machine can be programmed to rotate for 30 degrees and then stop for 20 seconds before repeating. The rotator is capable of supporting 300 kilograms whilst in the horizontal position or 150 kilos whilst vertical. Please note any load must be uniformly balanced to avoid overloading the motor or motor driver components when rotating


There are many adjustments available on the ROTA450 machine, to lock the table into an inclined angle between horizontal and vertical. Connection of your workpiece is achieved via the Dinse 35-70 socket on the rear, a plug is supplied with the unit to enable easy connection to your existing welder. Speed is adjustable via the front mounted potentiometer which supplies a pulse width modulated signal to the high torque motor / gearbox combo. Rotational direction is set via a toggle switch and triggering of the rotating mode can be achieved with the supplied foot control or the front panel mounted push button switch.


Interfacing with your welding equipment is possible as the ROTA450 features a set of dry contacts which close when operating so that it can be easily connected to a MIG or TIG welding machine and have it control the welder whilst operating. An interface plug is also provided with the rotator. The staff at Tokentools can assist you with this if required, bespoke solutions are one of our specialties.

Brief Overview (More Info)

  • New
  • Tokentools
  • 5 Years Parts & Labour
Power Requirement:
  • 1 x 240 Volt 10 Amp Supply - Single Phase
Welding Process:
  • AC Tig Welding
  • DC Tig Welding
  • MIG Welding
  • DC MMA Welding
  • Plasma Cutting
Welding Rotator Features:
  • Centre Bore Diameter - Minimum 45mm
  • Table Diameter - 450mm
  • Load Capacity - Horizontal Table - 300 Kilos
  • Load Capacity - Vertical Table - 150 Kilos
  • Digital Angular Control
  • Digital Dwell Control
  • Push Button Trigger Input
  • Foot Control Trigger Input
  • 3 x Faceplate T Bolt Slots - 120 Degrees Apart
  • Faceplate Chuck Available - Optional Extra
  • Rear Mounted Job Socket - Dinse 35-70 Size
  • Rear Mounted Dry Contact - Feed On/Off signal to interconnected welding equipment
  • Tilt Mode - Manual
  • Minimum RPM - 0.2 (1 Revolution per 5 Minutes)
  • Maximum RPM - 2 (1 Revolution per 30 Seconds)
Dimensions and weight:
  • L71cm x W52cm x H47cm
  • Weight - 78 Kilograms

Duty Cycles

Welding Rotator Duty Cycles:
  • 100% for Horizontal Loads
  • 100% for Verical Loads Balanced To Centre

What is in the box?

All items listed are included in the standard package:
  • 1 x ROTA450 Welding Rotator Positioner
  • 1 x Foot Control - On / Off Trigger Input
  • 1 x 35-70 Dinse Plug For Job Grounding Connection
  • 1 x 2 Pin Canon Plug For Dry Contact Output / Welder Trigger Interface
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

ROTA450 Welding Positioner Instruction Manual


Please click on the image to open up a PDF view of the instruction manual



This welding machine includes a 5 year (60) month warranty against manufacturing faults and defects however the customer has the ability to reduce the warranty period in order to obtain a greater discount. In circumstances where the customer elects to take a 2 Year or 1 Year warranty the 5 Year warranty will no longer apply and instead the selected warranty period along with applicable discount will apply and such direction will be noted on the sales invoice.



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This welding supply is also available for pickup from our showroom located at Unit 6, 9-11 Willow Tree Rd Wyong NSW 2259 during opening hours. See the pickups information for more details.



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