AC DC TIG Welders

IGBT Inverter AC DC Tig Welder featuring the latest digital waveform control. ACDC TIG welding machines are best suited to Tig welding aluminium using an AC current and Tig welding stainless steel, mild steel with DC current.  New AC DC Tig welding machines feature AC welding current and DC welding current and re ideal for general maintenance, aluminium and stainless steel fabrication, motor sports, automotive restoration, pipeline work, boat building and are compact, lightweight and durable. Notable features of TIG ACDC welding machines include:


ACDC Tig Welder wave forms - IGBT Infineon / Siemens Inverter Components - Digital / Analogue Welding Control Panels - ACDC Pulse tig welding capability - High efficiency Tig Inverter stages operating at 25Khz - Portable Tig machines that are easy to carry


We believe we have the best Tig Welders For Sale Australia and if you require asistance in regards to any of our products we can offer expert help in selecting the best welder to suit your application, please call us on 1300 881 991.


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