Multi Angle Magnets

Multi angle welding magnets are include many combinations of commonly used angles in the welding trade. The added benefit of three sided adhesion and a switchable magnetic core make them the ideal companion for any welding tradie.

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A small keychain magnet that can still be used for jigging up a workpiece before welding. Handy to have around as the keychain magnet can always be located... More 

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Magnetic angle tools allow the welding operator to quickly set up a job to be tack welded and then remove the magnet. The benefits of using a switched magnet are in it's ability to be deactivated when not in use. The mini angle welding magnet does not require any power and is simply cleaned by giving it a wipe when the magnet is deactivated.

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A larger version of the multi angle switchable welding magnet.  Product # MSA-8100350 Magnet Strength / max breakaway: 40 kg (90 lbs) Max... More 

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A fusion of magnetic multi welding angle and switchable magnetic ground clamp, combine two tools into one. The On/Off Multi Purpose Mini Angle workholding... More 

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A switchable vice that can be used on any magnetic surface with all magnetic materials. The Magvise 400 multi angle MagVise sets up in seconds and holds... More