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The standard tig torch head is rigid. If you prefer to have one fitted we can do this for your or else you can fit your own for a little less.
Rigid Tig Torch Head 20 Series water cooled
We can fit a gas connector onto the torch to suit your needs. We stock both bayonet style quick disconnect or screw on gas fitting. Refer to images below to confirm gas connector type.
quick disconnect connector Screw on gas connector
We can fit control connectors to suit your welder's input configuration. We stock 2 pin female plugs, 3 pin female plugs, 7 pin female plugs, 7 pin male plugs. Simply select the required type and we will fit it to your torch.
7 Pin Male Plug 7 Pin Female Plug 2 Pin Female Plug
This 17 series tig welding torch is available in either 4 or 8 metre lengths. Sitting at a bench really only needs a 4 metre one but if you move around the job you may want something longer. We have both 4 and 8 metre torches.
4 metre 17 series tig welding torch 8 metre 17 series tig welding torch
Dinse plugs are twist lock connectors and come in several sizes. The most common are the 10-25 Dinse and 35-70 Dinse which effectively refers to the cross sectional area in millimetres of the cable that can be effectively used in the connectors.
35-70 Dinse Connector 10-25 Dinse Connector
You may elect to bundle a Tig Torch Accessory Kit to your purchase.
No Tig Torch Accessory Kit Required Tig Torch Accessories Kit
no tig torch stand include tig torch holder stand

A #20 water cooled tig torch, also known as WP20 and SR20 the Metalmaster #20 Series Tig Torch has a membrane push button on-off switch and is configured to your own personal needs. The #20 series water cooled tig torch is compact and allows high amperage use in confined spaces like it's non water cooled counterpart the #9 series torch. There are several options that you are able to configure directly. The default configuration is already chosen. Selecting options will affect the price of this product.

  • Configure the type of Tig Torch Head, use the regular Rigid Tig Torch Head or select a Flexible Tig Torch Head.
  • Configure the type of gas connector that you want. We have both quick connect and screw on gas connectors.
  • Configure the type of torch control interface you require. We have 7 pin male plugs, 7 pin female plugs and 2 pin female plugs.
  • Configure the length of your torch. Sitting at a bench really only needs a 4 metre one but if you move around the job you may want something longer. We have both 4 and 8 metre torches.
  • Configure your dinse plug. We have both 10-25 Dinse plugs and 35-70 Dinse plugs.
  • Select whether you require a Tig Torch Accessory kit to be added to your purchase.

Please note this torch and it's options are by default compatible with Metalmaster & Tokentools welding machines. If you are intending to adapt to a different brand please call to discuss options first.

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