Welding Magnets

Switchable welding magnets with on off selector for tacking or holding the workpiece are magnetic welding tools that can deactivate the magnet for easy release and cleaning.  Welding magnets are available as internal external corner magnets, magnetic welding clamps to replace the standard clamped earth connection of a welder and magnetic levels. 


The switched welding magnets for sale from TWS include many benefits, among them the most notable feature of switchable magnets includes the ability to activate and deactivate the magnet at will. Other benefits to the fabricator include secure clamping of the workpiece before welding, ideal for jigging and quick set up of welding jobs and low maintenance because welding magnets are always easy to clean. Increased productivity and accuracy may be achieved when welding magnets are used with corner magnets, magnetic welding levels and magnetic earth clamps in combination. In our shop we like to say "welding magnets are magnetising and mesmerising". If you would like to know more about these welding tools including safe handling please give us a call today.



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Corner Magnets

3 Way Magnets

Vpad Magnets

Magnetic Earth Clamps

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Magnetic Levels

Adjustable Welding Magnets

Multi Angle Magnets

Magswitch MagJig 60 Keychain Magnet 8100514 Magswitch MagJig 60 Keychain Magnet 8100514

NOW $24.95

magnet multi angle Welding Magnet Multi Angle Max 40KG Pull F...

NOW $28.99

magtab magnetic positioning aid MFT10 Magtab Magnetic Welding Positioning Aid

NOW $29.00

tig torch stand hold magnetic rest Tig Torch Holder - Tig Stand - Magnetic To...

NOW $29.00

mini welding magnet 3 axis Welding Magnet - XYZ Mini 3 Way - Twin Pack

NOW $32.99

magnetic panel clamp for welding sheet metal Magnetic Panel Clamp Twin Pack (MPC12)

NOW $34.40

mini magnetic angle Magswitch Mini Angle Magnetic Welding Tool

NOW $34.99

Magnetic V Pad Welding Magnets Kit V Pad Welding Magnet Pack

NOW $43.99

corner welding magnet example use 1 Corner Welding Magnet - Twin Pack

NOW $44.00

magtab MFT17 magnetic positioning aid MFT17 Magtab Magnetic Welding Positioning

NOW $44.00

torpedo magnetic welders level Torpedo Magnetic Welders Level (Mag-Level)

NOW $46.00

snake welding magnet package Snake Welding Magnet MFC318

NOW $48.00

magswitch switchable magnetic multi angle magnet msa-8100350 Magswitch Mini Magnetic Welding Angle

NOW $52.00

magswitch magsquare 8100494 Magswitch Magsquare 165 Switchable Welding...

NOW $67.00

magswitch mini welding angle ground clamp Magswitch Mini Magnetic Welding Angle with...

NOW $69.00

magswitch 300 amp magnetic job clamp 8100746 Magswitch 300 Amp Switchable Magnetic Grou...

NOW $69.50

stronghand maglevel magnetic level Switchable Magnetic Welding Level

NOW $89.00

magnetic welding base ground earth Powerbase Magnetic Welding Ground 500 Amps

NOW $149.00

magvise-400-multi-angle-magnetic-vice Magswitch Magvise 400 Multi Angle Magnetic...

NOW $228.00